Katja Colling’s artworks are far away from dogmatic patterns or systems. She is creating paintings, textile art, sculptures, photos, objet trouvés and sometimes movies and sound installations. Because of that variety, it is difficult to classify her work, which does not follow one style or one direction. The radical openness of her art is an artistic value by itself; her works show freshness without restriction.

Within her paintings she mixes variations of geometrical and informal art. Additionally she confronts formal elements with a striking manual use of material. For example, she produces fabrics with a knitting machine to paint on or she sews knitted fabrics on the painted surface.

She gives these self-made fabrics various treatments, such as to dye them in a traditional way, but also to spray and to paint on them. The results are complex buildups of fabrics combined with oil, acrylic, and spray paint, which gives her works his special look.